Discovering Basque Cider Houses in San Sebastian

If you are a foodie heading to San Sebastian, there’s one tradition you need to know about: the Basque Cider House. Called sagardotegi in Basque, these temples to great food and drink are open [...]

Some of the best Photos from Donosti in Christmas

Here you have some of the most representative images of this Christmas in Donostia. What do you think?  


Ranked as one of the most beautiful capitals of Spain, San Sebastian is a coastal city a must visit in Basque Country. Given its size it is perfect for exploring on foot and this is the main [...]

8 Reasons Why San Sebastián Is the Food Capital of the Planet

San Sebastián, or Donostia to the Basques, is located on Spain’s north coast in the Basque Country and has become well known for its excellent cuisine. Home to countless Michelin-starred [...]

8 Of The Best Things To Do In San Sebastian

San Sebastian, in the heart of Basque Country, is famous for its thriving nightlife and culinary prowess. But a few days in this beautiful coastal city will reveal that there’s a lot more to it [...]